Relationship stuff


Your relationships are an important part of who you are! But you are more than that. You deserve to be liked, respected and loved.

When it comes to any kind of sex – oral sex, sexual intercourse, intimate touching – with someone who doesn’t know you, respect you or care about you can leave you feeling sad, bad, hurt, used and abused. If someone respects you it means they will have respect for you and your decisions. “Yes means Yes” and “No means No!”

In a healthy relationship you have right to make decisions about what you do with your body and those decisions need to be respected. No one has the right to pressure or force you into having sex or any other kind of sexual activity. You get to decide what’s right for you – not someone else.

Start by asking for respect. It’s not just “Will you respect me in the morning.” It is “Will you respect my decisions now and in future. Can I trust you to do what you promise?”

Healthy relationships and friendships always include mutual respect. You deserve it. You’re worth it. ASK FOR RESPECT!