Healthier U


Healthy living means making good physical, mental, emotional and spiritual choices. You make healthy choices when you:

  • Eat nutritious food. This should include fruits and vegetables and country food like caribou or fish. You should choose a variety of foods from all of the food groups as suggested by Canada's Food Guide;
  • Build a circle of people who care for you and respect you. It’s important to have friends to talk with when thing go right and when things don’t go so well;
  • Stay physically active to keep your body strong, work to reduce stress, and improve your energy. Walk, play sports and get out in nature.
  • Choose not to smoke; and
  • Don’t use or abuse substances that can harm you body or make you addicted.

We all get a chance to make healthy choices every day. The choices you have are affected by where and how you live, work, learn and play. This section of the web site has good information about healthy choices you can make now and every day.