Sexually Transmitted Infections

Sex can be risky. When you choose to be sexually active, you need to protect yourself by using a condom or a dental dam (which is used for protection when a girl is receiving oral sex). When you use protection during sex, you help stop the spread of STIs (sexually transmitted infections).

STIs are serious. But lots of people say “No problem! If you get one you just go to the nurse and get a pill or have a shot in your bum and you’re good as new.” But it’s not that simple. First, you need to know you have an STI and the longer you have one without getting treatment the more harm it can do to you. Second, while all STIs can be treated, not all STIs can be cured. Some can only be “managed” and those will need to be managed with drugs for the rest of your life. Herpes, HIV/Aids and, sometimes, hepatitis B are three of this kind of STIs.

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