10 Pregnancy Myths

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All of the “myths” below are not true. But that doesn’t stop people from repeating them or from trying to make other people believe they are true. Make sure you know what’s true and what’s not when it comes to sex.

If a guy doesn’t cum or ejaculate during sexual intercourse, a girl can’t get pregnant.

Absolutely untrue! A small amount of fluid comes out of the penis long before a guy ejaculates. This fluid always contains semen. However, the idea that one can avoid the risk of pregnancy by withdrawing from the vagina before the guy has an orgasm is one of the most common myths.

If a girl has sex during her period she can’t get pregnant.

Again, not true. There is less risk of pregnancy but because an egg may still be in the Fallopian tubes, there is no guarantee that pregnancy will not happen.

You can’t get pregnant the first time you have sex.

Wishful thinking! This is also untrue as is the myth that it takes some time before the girl’s egg is willing to be fertilized by semen.

You can’t get pregnant if you do it upside down.

This must have taken some imagination. Of course it’s not true. Semen are very vigorous “swimmers”.

Drinking lots of Mountain Dew reduces your sperm count and the girl won’t get pregnant.

Whoever thought this up must have been taking a chemistry course. And they probably failed. This myth has something to do with the idea that certain food colouring dyes like the yellow colouring used in Mountain Dew can neutralize the sperm. Again – it’s not true.

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Two condoms are better than one.

This is simply bad advice. Using two condoms will increase the friction between them and may cause both to break.

If you take someone else’s birth control pills just before having sex you won’t get pregnant.

Again, this is bad advice and just not true. A girl needs to take birth control pills for a full month before they become effective. Second, you may be allergic to the pills you get from someone else. Taking any prescription medication intended for someone else is dangerous.

If you douche or go to the bathroom after sex, you cut down your chance of getting pregnant.

Actually you would increase the risk of getting pregnant. The fluid could force semen into the uterus where it could reach the egg in the Fallopian tubes and fertilize it. Going to the bathroom is something that happens “outside” your body. It would not have any effect on sperm that is in a girl’s vagina.

You can’t get pregnant if you have sex in a shower, bath or pool.

It’s not a good idea to have sex in a bathtub or pool because intercourse will force bath water into your vagina. In any case, the water will not have any effect on whether or not you get pregnant.

If the guy masturbates before you have intercourse, you can’t get pregnant because the sperm are weakened.

Again, this is simply wishful thinking. It is possible the guy may ejaculate fewer sperm. But do you think your chances are any better with only 200 million sperm instead of 500 million? Each of those sperm has the same “strength”.