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Respect Yourself provides answers to individual questions that you ask. We will post the answers to here so that the person asking the question remains anonymous. When we get enough questions and answers we sort them by subject. For now, we are simply listing them below.

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Sex and the Law

Sexual rights are very complicated and are covered in different pieces of legislation. Canada’s laws set out rights to privacy, age of consent for various sexual activities, age of partners, father’s and mother’s rights and responsibilities, rights to have birth control, laws about child pornography and other laws governing sexual activities and responsibilities. We will summarize some of the laws here.

Think You're Ready?

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Here are 10 things that sex educator Karen Rayne says that any person needs to do before they decide to have sex with a new partner. She points out that people should go through these steps before having oral sex, sexual intercourse or anything else that could get you pregnant or give you an STI.

Not Ready ?

The Healthy Sexuality Resource for Nova Scotia Youth published by the Government of Nova Scotia lists “Good Reasons Not to Have Sex.” You may find the reasons helpful. They certainly make you think.

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  1. Because you’re lonely
  2. Because you’re drunk
  3. Because you’re high

Sexual SOS


85% of the time when a young person is sexually assaulted or raped it is by someone he or she knows. It could be a date, a friend, a relative or even a member of their own family. It happens in a car, at a party, at someone’s house or even your own house. Let’s be clear about this. Sexual assault is never okay and it includes any kind of unwanted sexual touching—not just forcing sexual intercourse.

Tips and Tools


Have a Healthy Relationship

There are lots of things you can do to be a better boyfriend or girlfriend. Most of it starts with treating your partner the way you would like to be treated.

Listen (Really Listen): This doesn’t just mean being quiet when the other person is talking. You really need to listen to your partner. Listen for what he or she is actually saying. Think about the words and don’t interrupt.

Relationship stuff


Your relationships are an important part of who you are! But you are more than that. You deserve to be liked, respected and loved.

Get Respect


People in healthy relationships get and give respect. Healthy relationships make both you and your partner feel good about yourselves and about each other.

According to the Canadian Society of Obstetricians and Gynecologists healthy relationships have five qualities. You can remember them because the first word of each quality goes together to make the word S-H-A-R-E. Check them out.

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