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Getting Tested

Don’t be ashamed about getting tested for STIs. You may have an STI and not even know you’re infected. So could your new partner. All sexually active guys and girls need to get tested if they are having sex with a new partner. STI testing in the Northwest Territories is free and confidential.

STIs and Symptoms

Common STIs are described below. It is very important to know that many people with an STI will not have any visible symptoms.


STI Prevention


STIs are passed on from one person to another by skin-to-skin contact during unprotected oral, anal and vaginal sex. By using condoms and dental dams every time you have sex, you are protecting yourself and your partner against catching or passing on an STI.

Sexually Transmitted Infections

Sex can be risky. When you choose to be sexually active, you need to protect yourself by using a condom or a dental dam (which is used for protection when a girl is receiving oral sex). When you use protection during sex, you help stop the spread of STIs (sexually transmitted infections).

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